LTS Termination Proof

by AProVE


Integer Transition System


1 Switch to Cooperation Termination Proof

We consider the following cutpoint-transitions:
f66_0_main_GE f66_0_main_GE f66_0_main_GE: x1 = x1x2 = x2x3 = x3
f1_0_main_ConstantStackPush f1_0_main_ConstantStackPush f1_0_main_ConstantStackPush: x1 = x1x2 = x2x3 = x3
__init __init __init: x1 = x1x2 = x2x3 = x3
and for every transition t, a duplicate t is considered.

2 SCC Decomposition

We consider subproblems for each of the 1 SCC(s) of the program graph.

2.1 SCC Subproblem 1/1

Here we consider the SCC { f66_0_main_GE }.

2.1.1 Transition Removal

We remove transition 2 using the following ranking functions, which are bounded by 0.

f66_0_main_GE: x2 + x3

2.1.2 Trivial Cooperation Program

There are no more "sharp" transitions in the cooperation program. Hence the cooperation termination is proved.

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