April 28, 2012: Logic Puzzles @ Tiroler Forschungsnacht

The Computational Logic group showed how computers can solve logic puzzles such as Sudoku at the Tiroler Forschungsnacht.

Japanese logic puzzles provided by the Computational Logic group allowed vistors to have a go at logic in a playful manner. Originally invented by the Japanese company Nikoli, these games such as Slitherlink, Masyu and RippleEffect were implemented by Computational Logic students in the course of bachelor projects. Hidden behind the game fun are actually NP-complete problems, and the tools rely on sophisticated logic machinery such as SAT-solvers to generate and solve puzzles. The developed tools thus allow users to generate and solve puzzle instances, but also have a lot of fun playing around, as also visitors of the Tiroler Forschungsnacht were soon to find out.

Tiroler Forschungsnacht