August 20, 2015: Termination Competition 2015

The Termination Competition 2015 is over. Five termination/complexity tools and one certifier developed by CL members participated and won in several categories (results).

Termination of programs is a fundamental topic in computer science. While being undecidable in general, numerous techniques have been developed to automatically prove/disprove termination of meaningful programs.

The international competition of termination tools is executed annually since 2004, after a tool demonstration in 2003. Recent competitions were executed live in the main conferences of the field: VSL 2014, RDP 2013, IJCAR 2012, RTA 2011, and FLoC 2010.

This year, 15 tools (plus one certifier) ran in 22 competition categories and eight demonstrations. Tools by CL members dominated three competition and three demonstration categories.