Complexity Analysis-based Guaranteed Execution

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory’s “Complexity Analysis-based Guaranteed Execution” (short title CAGE) builds on automated termination system and complexity analysis technology to formally guarantee the discovery of time and space vulnerabilities in software.

The CAGE project took place in DARPA’s program Space/Time Analysis for Cybersecurity (STAC).

To develop CAGE, the Draper Team includes the leaders of the university research teams: Dr. Jurgen Giesl from the University of Aachen and Dr. Georg Moser from the University of Innsbruck, combined with Draper’s expertise in formal methods, static program analysis, and machine learning.

Duration: 3 years

Start of Project: May 1, 2015



Charles Stark Draper Laboratory project number

Draper Proposal Number: 15-B13



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