Seminar mit Bachelorarbeit


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Bachelor Project

A single project of 20 ECTS points has to be performed. These projects are organized within the Seminar mit Bachelorarbeit course. There is a list of available projects.

Two Student Project

It is possible that two students work on a single (larger) project together, in this case special conditions apply for the presentations (see below). Furthermore it has to be clearly stated (in presentation and thesis) how the work was distributed between the students.


After reaching agreement with the supervisor of a project, the student has to register online.


Every student has to give two presentations.
  1. A 10 minute presentation (15 minutes for a two student project) in which the project is described, shortly after the project has been assigned.
  2. A final presentation upon completion of the project, the duration of which is 30 minutes for a single student project and 45 minutes for a two student project, both including questions.


Every presentation is evaluated by two students, using a special initial / final evaluation form. The completed forms will be taken into account when grading the project: Anonymised versions of the forms will be handed to the supervisor of the student whose presentation was evaluated.


The presentations takes place on Tuesday from 16:15 in HS 10. Students must attend at least five seminars after their initial presentation and before their final presentation. Scheduling is handled by the supervisor. The thesis (in PDF format) must have been submitted before the final presentation is scheduled. The seminar schedule is available.


Bachelor projects are awarded 20 ECTS points, corresponding (in Austria) to 500 hours of full-time work (including preparation for the presentations). Projects must be completed within 1 year after the initial presentation. Failure to do so will result in a negative grade.


Students must hand the completed Deckblatt zur Einreichung der Bachelorarbeit to Anna Maria Scheiring (3M13). To finish the bachelor study, after completing all courses the Prüfungsprotokoll and the Nachweis über die Bachelorarbeit gemäß Curriculum has to be filled out and submitted to the Prüfungsreferat.