BoolTool implements several algorithms on Boolean formulas and BDDs.

CTL Model Checking Visualizer

The CTL Model Checking Visualizer (CMCV) by Matthias Perktold implements the labeling algorithm for CTL model checking, illustrating every intermediate step.

Finite Automata Tool

The finite automata tool visualizes several algorithms on finite automata.

Interactive DPLL Tool

The interactive DPLL tool by Bojan Cvjetkovic is a tool that visualizes the abstract DPLL algorithm for SAT solving. It uses the conflict graph to compute backjump clauses.

Logic Puzzles

The logic puzzles site contains a list of tools for various logic puzzles that have been developed within bachelor projects.

Sorting Network Visualizer

The sorting network visualizer (SNV) by Rick Spiegl is tool that implements several algorithms on sorting networks. It can draw, simulate, generate, and verify comparator networks.

Automating Rewrite Strategies

AutoStrat is a tool that automates and visualizes rewriting of terms using different evaluation strategies. It implements some common predefined strategies and also allows the user to specify strategy annotations.