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Term Rewriting

bachelor program

VO2 + PS1  SS 2017  703125 + 703126


The course provides an introduction to term rewriting. Term rewriting is a general model of computation which has been successfully applied in many areas of computer science. Here one can think of the analysis and implementation of algebraic specifications of abstract data types, the foundations of functional (logic) programming, automated theorem proving, and code optimization in compilers, to name just a few. The following topics are discussed: abstract rewriting, equational reasoning, term rewrite systems, termination, confluence, completion, strategies.


week date slides exercises solutions
1 06.03 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
2 13.03 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
3 20.03 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
4 27.03 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
5 03.04 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
6 24.04 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
7 08.05 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
8 15.05 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
9 22.05 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
10 29.05 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
11 12.06 pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf pdf
12 19.06 pdf (1x1, 4x1)
13 26.06 (exam)


The course material and slides will be made available online. The same holds for solutions to selected exercises.