In recent years there have been several approaches to the automated analysis of the complexity of programs. Mostly these approaches have been developed independently and use a variety of different techniques.

At RDP 2011 we held the first workshop on "Two Faces of Complexity" to foster cross-community interaction between these communities. In particular we were concerned with the transfer of knowledge between researchers working on model-checking and on rewriting. With the second edition of this workshop we want to continue our efforts to facilitate cross-community interaction. This time our interest lies in the relation and comparison of methods developed for the analyses of

programming languages. We believe that a dedicated workshop provides the best mechanism for fostering such interaction.

In order to provide the best possible interaction between the different concerned communities, the workshop will be mainly centred around invited presentations from the respective communities. These presentations will take the form of one hour tutorials together with half an hour technical presentations. In addition to these, we will invite contributed papers by early researches.