WST 2012   


The workshop takes place in the Obergurgl University Centre:

    Universit├Ątszentrum Obergurgl
6456 Obergurgl


We booked a number of rooms from Sunday, February 19 until (and including) Thursday. February 23. Talks starts on Monday morning and end on Wednesday evening.

Getting There

The nearest airport is Innsbruck airport. A more detailed description is to be found here. We have organised a bus from Obergurgl to Innsbruck and back.

The bus to Obergurgl leaves at 16:00 on February 19 from Innsbruck main station and stops at Innsbruck airport (16:30) before continuing to Obergurgl.

Getting Away

The bus from Obergurgl leaves at 9:30 on February 23 from the university center, stops at Innsbruck airport (11:30) and continues to Innsbruck main station (12:00).