Manuel Eberl
NameManuel EBERL  [ˈmaːnu̯ɛl ˈʔeːbɐl]
(feel free to call me by first name)
(German, English, Esperanto)
PGP Key12A14807.asc
Scholarly profilesGoogle Scholar, DBLP
Office3M12 in the ICT building (2nd floor)
Consultation hoursThursday 10:30–11:30 (during term time only)
Twitter@pruvisto (German/English) (Esperanto)
Erdős number≤ 4

About me

Since September 2021, I am a Postdoc at the Computational Logic Group at the University of Innsbruck. Before that, I did my PhD at the Technical University of Munich. I am also an editor of the Archive of Formal Proofs and the Annals of Formalized Mathematics.

I mainly work on the formalisation of pure mathematics in Isabelle/HOL. I believe that the formalisation of a significant portion of known mathematics is a feasible and worthwhile endeavour.

My current work is the formalisation of the (semi-)automatic solving and verification of certain classes of mathematical problems, particularly those of the asymptotics of real-valued functions.

Mathematical Interests

With varying levels of proficiency:

Current Work