CoCoWeb is a web interface that provides a single entry point to all tools that participate in the annual Confluence Competition (CoCo).


To run CoCo participants simply enter a rewrite system, select the desired tools on the left and press submit.


To enter a rewrite rewrite system:

Currently every supported system is in one of the following formats.

Tool Selection

The tools that are to be executed can be selected from the tools panel on the left. Tools are organized by year and grouped into categories, similar to the grouping in CoCo except that tools with certified output can be found in the categories of their non-certified counterparts. Multiple tools can be selected.

Viewing Results

After clicking the submit button the output of the selected tools is presented in separate tabs. The colors of these tabs reveal useful information: green means that the tool answered YES, red means that the tool answered NO, and a MAYBE answer or a timeout is shown in blue. By clicking on a tab, the color is made lighter and the output of the tool is presented. The final line of the output is timing information.


For any questions or feedback please contact Aart Middeldorp or Fabian Mitterwallner.