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Wed 15 May 2019 12:50:13 PM CEST


2019-05-15 Always use linebreak between supervisor(s) and institute.
2018-04-27 Make "autoref" work for theorem environments (requires package "aliascnt").
2018-04-27 New document option "notheorems" for no predefined theorem environments.
2017-12-18 Drop reference to obsolete clshortlogo.
2017-10-03 Use new uni logo.
2017-09-14 Fix page numbers in frontmatter.
2017-03-24 Better linebreak in title.
2017-03-08 "frontmatter" for techreports.
2015-02-10 Updated to latest versions of logos.
2015-01-28 Updated LFU logo and fixed size.
2015-01-28 Use package "iflang".
2015-01-28 Use package "microtype".
2015-01-22 Smaller logo.
2015-01-22 Dropped deprecated package "a4".
2015-01-22 Use font "lmodern".
2015-01-22 Use KOMA-option "numbers=noendperiod" for aesthetic reasons.
2015-01-21 Fixed typo.
2014-10-29 Changed to new IFI logo.
2011-09-27 Added 'Eidesstattliche Erklärung'.
2011-07-28 Added 'exercise' environment.
2011-07-06 Updated to clshortlogo/ifilogo to pdf.
2011-06-22 Updated to new clshortlogo.
2011-06-07 Provide \BibTeX macro (for howto.tex).
2011-05-12 Improved pagebreaking for seminar report.
2011-02-18 Minor Changes.
2011-01-16 Updated degree of supervisors.
2010-12-03 Extended guidelines in howto.cls.
2010-12-03 Improved style of howto.cls.
2010-12-03 Updated degree of supervisors.
2010-02-25 Switched from latin1 to utf8 encoding (to ease usage of Umlaute).
2010-01-15 Fixed bug with \abstract in 'scrartcl' based documents.
2009-12-17 Example is printed as Beispiel with option german.
2009-10-29 Changed to new IFI logo.
2009-04-14 Fixed appendix for PhD thesis.
2009-04-14 Added template for PhD thesis.
2008-06-02 Changed layout for multiple supervisors.
2008-05-21 Fixed layout for multiple supervisors.
2008-02-04 Switched to \fancyhdr instead of \scrpage2 to fix some errors.
2007-09-10 Fixed Conclusion section in howto.tex.
2007-09-06 Added \acknowledgements macro for clbthesis and clmthesis.
2007-09-06 Small changes in how to write a thesis guide.
2007-09-03 Added a guide on how to write a thesis.
2007-08-28 Removed a bug concerning footnotes and adapted spacing for large titlepages.