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Using the CL LaTeX Classes

  1. Download the archive CLaTeX.tar.bz2.
  2. Extract it with tar -xjf CLaTeX.tar.bz2. This generates the file CLaTeX.dtx and the directory logos containing clshortlogo.pdf, ifilogo.pdf, and unilogo.pdf in the current directory.
  3. Run pdflatex CLaTeX.dtx three times to generate the documentation (CLaTeX.pdf), CLaTeX.ins, and several example files (including howto.tex).
  4. Run pdflatex CLaTeX.ins to generate the class files clbthesis.cls, clmthesis.cls, clpthesis.cls, clseminar.cls, clreport.cls, and howto.cls.
  5. Read the documentation (at the very least Sections 1 to 3).
  6. The file howto.tex gives some guidelines when writing a thesis. After the four commands pdflatex howto, bibtex howto, pdflatex howto, and pdflatex howto one can view the document howto.pdf.


Since documents generated by latex + dvipdf do have different margins from those generated by pdflatex the use of the former is discouraged: use pdflatex. If you have a good reason for using latex + dvipdf, contact your supervisor.