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Vertiefungsseminar – 99 Bottles of Beer


SE1  SS 2015  703037


May 29; schedule
Schedule updated.
May 29; schedule
Schedule of talks is online.
March 10; assignments
Assignments of topics/supervisors are online.
March 10; seminar reports
The list of earlier seminar reports is online; looking at a few of them helps for the compiliation of the own report.
March 4; topics
The topics are online.
March 2; 2nd group
A second seminar has been established.
Feb 26; schedule
The seminar starts Friday, March 6 in 3W04 @ 11:15.
Feb 25; registration
I can atmost accept 15 students, these places have been selected at random. Everybody else: I am sorry!
Feb 18; homepage
The homeage is online, further updates will happen soon.