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Selected Topics in Term Rewriting

master program

VU3  SS 2021  703822


In this course a number of current and advanced topics in term rewriting is covered:

Basic knowledge of term rewriting (as covered in the bachelor course Term Rewriting) is assumed.


week date topics slides solutions material
1 02.03 termination methods pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf link
2 09.03 semantic labeling pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
3 16.03 simple termination, polynomial interpretations over Q and R pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
4 23.03 ordinal interpretations pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
5 13.04 Gröbner bases pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
6 20.04 Gröbner bases, Buchberger's algorithm pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
7 27.04 canonical Gröbner bases pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
8 04.05 rewriting modulo AC pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf link
9 11.05 completion modulo AC, AC-KBO pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
10 18.05 completion modulo AC, context-sensitive rewriting pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
11 25.05 context-sensitive rewriting, leftmost outermost strategy pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
12 01.06 modularity pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
13 08.06 type introduction pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
14 15.06 modularity, order-sorted decomposition pdf (1x1, 4x1) pdf
15 29.06 test (solutions)


The course material and slides will be made available online. The same holds for solutions to selected exercises. Recordings of the lectures are available from OLAT.