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Vertiefungsseminar – Constraint-Programmierung


SE2  WS 2007/2008  703035


Constraint programming is a new programming paradigm combining techniques from artificial intelligence, logic programming, operations research and mathematical programming. Constraint programming enables to effectively deal with planning and scheduling problems.

In the seminar we will study constraint programming in depth. Topics include constraint solvers for finite and infinite domains, modelling, controlling search and programming with constraints.


The seminar will be based on
Kim Marriott and Peter J. Stuckey: Programming with Constraints: an Introduction. MIT Press, 1998.
which is available in the Semesterapparat of the Fachbibliothek für Naturwissenschaften.


Topics will be distributed at the Vorbesprechung on 4 October. Online registration is required before 12:00 noon on 12 October.