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Functional Programming

bachelor program

VO2 + PS1  WS 2007/2008  no LVA number


Feb 29: As the 3rd Exam
will be the final possibility to get a grade for FP (WS 2007/2008), the date will be adapted to the needs of the students. First all students that want to attend at the 3rd exam should write me an email (within 1 week). Afterwards we will fix a date.
Jan 29: The 2nd Exam
takes place on February 29 (see evaluation)
Jan 14: Exercises Week 10
corrected typo in Exercise 8.2
Jan 9: Exercises Week 9
yes, the deadline for the exercises is January 11 (as stated on the exercise sheet)
Dec 7: Second Test
will stay on January 11, since January 18 conflicts with another lecture
has been adapted to the fact that one week more than planned was spent on lambda-calculus
Nov 30: Second Test
Would it be ok to move the second test from January 11 to January 18? If no, please let me know (until next week). Otherwise the date will be changed accordingly.
Nov 22: ocamlbuild
has been installed on zid-gpl
Nov 6: w03.tar.bz2
error message of Lst.tl has been corrected
Oct 19: First Test
has been moved to November 30