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Introduction to Programming

master program - business informatics

VO1 + UE1  WS 2008/2009  703802 + 703803


Jan 20: Test exam and solution available
Details on the evaluation page.
Jan 10: Exercises 6 online
Dec 9: Slides of Chapter 5 completed and online
Dec 2: Exercises 5 online
Nov 28: Preliminary Slides of Chapter 5 online
Nov 26: Slides of Chapter 4 completed and online
Nov 17: Exercises 4 online
Nov 14: Preliminary Slides of Chapter 4 corrected
There has been a bug on slides 11 which now is fixed. (Only cGrowth and even-odd have linear recursion, but not mergesort. Hence, not all algorithms at that point have been linear.)
Nov 13: Preliminary Slides of Chapter 4 online
Nov 3: Exercises 3 online
Oct 17: Slides of Chapter 2 updated
There have been some changes in the last part about arrays. The new slides are as always available on the scheduling page
Sep 24: Registration required
Note that you have to register for this lecture until Oct 3, 12am. Further details are on the registration page.
Jun 18: News system
This is the entry-site for the Introduction to Programming lecture. Check this website regularly for news. For anonymous comments you can use the feedback page. If you have any question, do not hesitate to write an email or to visit the office of one of the lecturers. To access the slides which are used in the lecture, visit the schedule page.