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master program

VO2  WS 2008/2009  703501


Logic is defined as the study of the principle of reasoning. The course extends the introductory logic course given in the bachelor program. And the content of the latter course is a prerequisite. The following topics will be disussed.

week  1: introduction, propositional logic, semantics
week  2: propositional logic, formal proofs, resolution
week  3: homework: propositional logic, first-order logic, semantics
week  4: first-order logic, structures, theories and models
week  5: first-order logic, formal proofs, Herbrand theory
week  6: homework: first-order logic, resolution
week  7: completeness of first-order logic, properties of first-order logic
week  8: homework: compactness and completeness, introduction to computability
week  9: computability continued, introduction to complexity
week 10: complexity continued, finite model theory
week 11: homework: computability and complexity, modal logics in a general setting
week 12: modal logics continued, higher-order logics, introduction to Isabelle
week 13: Isabelle frenzy


The course is largely based on the following books:


The course will be held in English.