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Functional Programming

bachelor program

VO2 + PS1  WS 2009/2010  703017 + 703018


5. November: 3rd Exam
See evaluation. This is the last exam using the old subject matter. (See WS2010.)
16. March: 2nd Exam moved
18. February: 2nd Exam
26. January: Error on Exercisesheet
The []-case of the definition of concat should be [] -> [] instead of [] -> [[]]. (Thanks to Lukas Aichbauer for the hint.)
11. November: 1st Test moves
To avoid clashes with LICS, the first FP test is postponed to November 27. (The topics relevant for the test do not change.)
10. November: Error on Slides
Corrected error on slide 23 for week 5.
June 9: Printed Lecture Notes
This semester will be the first where a printed (and bound) version of the lecture notes will be available. During the first lecture I will collect the number of interested persons and forward it to Studia. For those who are happy with a digital version, it will of course still be possible to download a PDF. (See also schedule.)