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Specialisation Seminar – 99 Bottles of Beer

bachelor program

SE1  WS 2010/2011  703037


The final grade will be based on the presentation and the written report. Active participation during the presentations will also be taken into account.

Seminar Talks

The seminar talks should present the main results obtained with respect to the language studied. Each slot will be allocated 30 minutes and the speaker should leave at least 5 minutes for discussion. The talks will be chaired and no overtime will be granted.

Language and Typesetting

We encourage and support the use of English. Theses must be written in LaTeX2e. In order to ensure a uniform layout, the Computational Logic LaTeX class must be used. Before producing the final version of the seminar report, make sure you use the latest version. Reports written in German must contain an abstract in English. The report should be between 10 and 15 pages long.


Make sure to use a spell checker. Send a pre-final version of your report to your supervisor for final comments.

Seminar Reports

Final seminar reports have to be handed in to the supervisor by February 19, 2011, 23:59.