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Computational Logic

master program

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Logic is defined as the study of the principle of reasoning. The lecture extends the introductory logic course given in the bachelor program. And the content of the latter course is a prerequisite.

This lecture is part of the elective module "Automated Reasoning". The other two parts of the module (the lecture on "Automated Theorem Proving" and the correponding seminar) will be given in the summer term.

The following topics will be discussed in the course:

Syntax, Semantics and Formal Systems of First-Order Logic (including Equality)
Extensions of First-Order Logic like Modal Logic and Second-Order Logic
Curry-Howard Isomorphism
Introduction to Automated and Interactive Reasoning

Lecture Notes


The course is partly based on the following books: These books are available in the university library.

Additional Material


The course will be held in English.