Austria – Japan Summer Workshop on Term Rewriting

8 – 13 August 2005, Obergurgl

The workshop takes place in the Obergurgl University Centre: (click “Brochure english”)

The workshop will be modeled on the Japanese term rewriting meetings:

We booked a number of rooms from August 8 until (and including) August 12. To accommodate people coming from Japan, the program of the workshop will start in the morning of August 9. The price of accommodation is 34 euros per person per day (including breakfast and dinner).

The nearest airport is Innsbruck airport. If many participants arrive about the same time (late afternoon or early evening) on the 8th we might be able to arrange some transportation to Obergurgl. If you arrive before the 8th in Innsbruck or want to stay after the workshop, we can arrange accommodation in Innsbruck.





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