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Specialisation Seminar

bachelor program

SE1  WS 2017/2018  703037


room consultation hours
SE Vincent van Oostrom 3M12 Thursday14:15 – 15:45

Time and Place

SE Tuesday14:15 – 16:00 3W03 Vincent van Oostrom

The first meeting (Oct. 3) gives an introduction to the seminar and mentions administrative details. The assignment of topics and pairing of students will be discussed, as well as the scheduling of the subsequent seminars/presentations.

Seminar Talks

The seminar talks should present the general theory, illustrate it by concrete examples, (and if applicable, illustrate these by tool usage). Each talk should last for 50 minutes in total: 40 minutes presentation, leaving 10 minutes for discussions and comments.

Date Topic Students Supervisor Slides    Report
October 3 presentation
October 10 assignment
November 7 incompleteness Ahmet Aspir and Mark Nardi Georg Moser
November 14 (1) Curry-Howard Simon Driendl and Daniel Gogl Evan Marzion
November 14 (2) extraction Andreas Pirchner and Michael Plattner Kenji Miyamoto
November 21 automata Thomas Blaas and Stefan Pedratscher Franziska Rapp
November 28 SAT,SMT Martin Pfitscher and Thomas Tschol Sarah Winkler
December 5 (co)induction Andreas Forster and Hanna Köb VvO
December 12 (1) model checking Deni Juric and Thomas Wohlfarter VvO
December 12 (2) process calculi Michael Kaltschmid and Markus Reiter VvO
January 9 interactive proving Jonas Schöpf and Stephanie Widauer Cezary Kaliszyk
January 16 unification Daniel Proksch and Sarah Ziesel René Thiemann
January 30

Seminar Reports

Final seminar reports have to be handed in to the supervisor by February 28, 2018, 23:59.


Make sure to use a spell checker. Send a pre-final version of your report to your supervisor for final comments.