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Introduction to Scientific Working

bachelor program

PS2  SS 2017  703032

  1. The Relation between Source Code, Documentation and Testing
    Ling-Wei Wu and Thomas Wohlfarter (slides)
  2. Learning with mobile technologies
    Mathias Arnold and Christoph Neuner (slides)
  3. Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence
    Andreas Forster and Hanna Köb (slides)
  4. Wireless Energy Harvesting
    Alexander Crepaz and Florian Stalzer (slides)
  5. Pulse-Response Biometrics
    Thomas Blaas and Stefan Pedratscher (slides)
  6. Heterogeneous Computing
    Nathanael Huber and Benjamin Walch (slides)
  7. Responsiveness, Energy Efficiency, and Data Usage
    Alen Luković (slides)
  8. A Messy State of the Union: Taming the Composite State Machines of TLS
    Michael Plattner (slides)
  9. The Fututre of Semiconductors
    Aspir Ahmet and Stefan Kaufmann (slides)
  10. Machines talking the natural way
    Andreas Pirchner and Stephanie Autherith (slides)
  11. Living with AI
    Simon Schermer and Georg Obermeier (slides)
  12. Are you Load Balancing wrong?
    Egger Daniel and Steinmüller Philipp (slides)
  13. Model Learning
    Robert Wiklicky and Christoph Wirnsperger (slides)