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VO2  WS 2011/2012  703501

Third Exam on September 26, 2012

The third exam (closed book) took place on September 26 @ 14:15 in HS D.

exam    solution

Second Exam on March 14, 2012

The second exam took place on March 14 @ 14:15 in 3W04.

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First Exam on January 30, 2012

The first exam took place on January 30 @ 8:15 in HS D.

exam    solution

Please come by in the office hours of the lecturer, if you have any question regarding your exam papers.

Problem Assignment

In addition to the lecture problem assignments are provided that will be discussed during the time of the lecture.

Participation in this discussion is not a requirement in the technical sense, but strongly recommended. Here 'participation' includes but is not limited to the presentation of own solutions in the class room.

The assignment sheets will be discussed on the following dates:

Week 6: November 7, 2011
Week 10: December 5, 2011
Week 14: January 23, 2012

The assignments can only positivly improve the final mark.

Grading Scheme

The following case distinction is employed to deduce your final mark.
   Points    Mark       Points    Mark       Points    Mark
>= 45 Very Good       >= 32 Acceptable       < 25 Failed
>= 39 Good >= 25 Pass