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Alphabetical List of Titles

  1. A Characterization of Quasi-Decreasingness
  2. A Formally Verified Solver for Homogeneous Linear Diophantine Equations
  3. A Framework for Developing Stand-Alone Certifiers
  4. A Haskell Library for Term Rewriting
  5. A Locale for Minimal Bad Sequences
  6. A New and Formalized Proof of Abstract Completion
  7. A Relative Dependency Pair Framework
  8. A Short Mechanized Proof of the Church-Rosser Theorem by the Z-property for the λβ-calculus in Nominal Isabelle
  9. AC Dependency Pairs Revisited
  10. Abstract Rewriting
  11. Automatic Certification of Termination Proofs
  12. CeTA - A Tool for Certified Termination Analysis
  13. Certification Monads
  14. Certification extends Termination Techniques
  15. Certification of Complexity Proofs using CeTA
  16. Certification of Nontermination Proofs
  17. Certification of Termination Proofs using CeTA
  18. Certified HLints with Isabelle/HOLCF-Prelude
  19. Certified Kruskal's Tree Theorem
  20. Certified Kruskal's Tree Theorem
  21. Certified Non-Confluence with ConCon 1.5
  22. Certified Ordered Completion
  23. Certified Subterm Criterion and Certified Usable Rules
  24. Certifying Confluence of Almost Orthogonal CTRSs via Exact Tree Automata Completion
  25. Certifying Confluence of Quasi-Decreasing Strongly Deterministic Conditional Term Rewrite Systems
  26. CoCo 2015 Participant: CeTA 2.21
  27. CoCo 2016 Participant: CeTA 2.28
  28. CoCo 2017 Participant: CeTA 2.31
  29. CoCo 2017 Participant: ConCon 1.5
  30. CoCo 2018 Participant: CeTA 2.33
  31. CoCo 2018 Participant: ConCon 1.5
  32. Deriving Comparators and Show Functions in Isabelle/HOL
  33. Deriving class instances for datatypes
  34. Efficient Mergesort
  35. Executable Matrix Operations on Matrices of Arbitrary Dimensions
  36. Executable Multivariate Polynomials
  37. Executable Transitive Closures of Finite Relations
  38. Finding and Certifying Loops
  39. First-Order Terms
  40. Formalized Confluence of Quasi-Decreasing, Strongly Deterministic Conditional TRSs
  41. Formalized Ground Completion
  42. Formalizing Knuth-Bendix Orders and Knuth-Bendix Completion
  43. Formalizing Monotone Algebras for Certification of Termination and Complexity Proofs
  44. Foundational (Co)datatypes and (Co)recursion for Higher-Order Logic
  45. Generalized and Formalized Uncurrying
  46. Getting Started with Isabelle/jEdit
  47. HOLCF-Prelude
  48. Haskell's Show Class in Isabelle/HOL
  49. Homogeneous Linear Diophantine Equations
  50. Imperative Insertion Sort
  51. Infinite Runs in Abstract Completion
  52. Level-Confluence of 3-CTRSs in Isabelle/HOL
  53. Loops under Strategies
  54. Loops under Strategies ... Continued
  55. Loops under Strategies ... Continued
  56. Modular and Certified Semantic Labeling and Unlabeling
  57. Normalization Equivalence of Rewrite Systems
  58. Open Induction
  59. Proof Pearl - A Mechanized Proof of GHC's Mergesort
  60. Recording Completion for Finding and Certifying Proofs in Equational Logic
  61. Root-Labeling
  62. Signature Extensions Preserve Termination - An Alternative Proof via Dependency Pairs
  63. TTT2 @ TermComp'2016
  64. TTT2 with Termination Templates for Teaching
  65. TermComp 2018 Participant: TTT2
  66. Termination of Isabelle Functions via Termination of Rewriting
  67. The Certification Problem Format
  68. The Generalized Subterm Criterion in TTT2
  69. The Z Property
  70. The remote_build Tool
  71. Transforming SAT into Termination of Rewriting
  72. Tyrolean Termination Tool 2
  73. Well-Quasi-Orders
  74. Xml

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