Functional Programming

bachelor program

VO2 + PS1  WS 2015/2016  703024 + 703025


The course provides an introduction to functional programming, covering both, practical examples using OCaml (a functional language) and theoretical background.

Lecture notes are available online (only from UIBK network) and printed versions can be bought from the Studia (from Monday).


week date topics slides sources exercises history
1 09.10. historical overview, OCaml introduction, first steps pdf no PS txt
2 16.10. lists, polymorphism, higher-order functions pdf pdf txt
3 23.10. modules, strings pdf tgz pdf txt
4 30.10. user-defined types, trees pdf tgz pdf txt
5 06.11. introduction to lambda calculus pdf pdf txt
6 13.11. lambda calculus, evaluation strategies pdf pdf ml,lips
7 20.11. induction, reasoning about functional programs pdf pdf
8 27.11. functional programming in Isabelle/HOL pdf tgz pdf
9 04.12. efficiency, tail recursion pdf pdf txt
10 11.12. types, type checking, type inference pdf pdf
11 18.12. implementing type inference pdf tgz midterm txt
12 15.01. lazyness pdf tgz pdf txt
13 22.01. dependent types pdf pdf
14 29.01. monads, efficiency pdf pdf
- 05.02. first exam, HS-D, 8:00
- 03.03. second exam, HS-D, 9:00
- 30.09. third exam, HS-F, 14:00
Registration for the exams is mandatory!


Amongst other sources the course incorporates material from the following books: